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photo of a young woman (model) showing off her toned physique

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Sometimes, “problem areas” linger even if you eat healthy and exercise regularly. Liposuction is a popular solution because it helps you (finally!) get rid of stubborn pockets of unwanted fat and achieve your ideal physique. There’s no question that a body contouring procedure like liposuction can be life-changing. Still, it’s understandable that you have questions …

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A very fit woman in a cream bra and underwear, poses while touching her flat tummy. (Model)

Combining Tummy Tuck Surgery, Breast Augmentation & More: Streamline Recovery, Costs

At UVA Plastic Surgery, we understand that achieving your aesthetic goals may involve more than one step. Whether you're seeking a flatter abdomen through tummy tuck surgery or enhancing your curves with breast augmentation, combining these procedures can streamline your recovery and the path to your desired results. In this blog post, I'll discuss the …

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people celebrating with pride flag (models)

Top Surgery Recovery Timeline: A Guide for All Transitions

Recovering after top surgery is often an exciting, emotional journey. Whether you are embarking on an MTF or FTM transition (or seeking a nonbinary-affirming procedure), understanding what to expect during each stage of recovery can help ease concerns and ensure a smoother healing process. From managing postoperative discomfort to adjusting sleep positions, we break down …

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Woman holding face and smiling while looking in the mirror. (Model)

How Long Do BOTOX® & Dermal Fillers Last? 6 Top Treatment Areas

Injectable treatments have long enjoyed popularity for their wrinkle-smoothing and facial contouring prowess. While these transformations can be impressive, they are temporary solutions. So, just how long does BOTOX last? How long can you enjoy your dermal filler results? Learn more about what you can expect from your injectable results in 6 of the most …

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woman holding her stomach (model)

Mini Tummy Tuck vs. Full Tummy Tuck: Which Is Right for You?

At UVA Plastic Surgery, we understand that choosing between a mini tummy tuck and a full tummy tuck is a significant decision. Our goal is to provide comprehensive information to guide you in selecting the procedure that best suits your needs. This blog post will discuss what each surgery entails, the benefits and considerations, the …

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woman considering reconstructive breast surgery holding her body (model)

Explore Your Options: Types of Breast Reconstruction and Their Benefits

Breast reconstruction is a deeply personal journey for those who have undergone mastectomy or breast cancer treatment. The surgery is often an essential part of the healing process for its role in reclaiming a patient’s sense of self and body confidence. At the UVA Breast Reconstruction Center, we offer 3 primary types of breast reconstruction: …

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Transgender person smiling and waving. (MODEL)

How Does Bottom Surgery Work (FTM): Consultation to Recovery

Embarking on the journey of FTM bottom surgery is more than a physical transformation; it's a deeply personal and profound step toward aligning your body with your true self. How does bottom surgery work for an FTM realignment? Understanding the intricacies of the process, knowing what to expect, and preparing both mentally and physically is …

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Woman holding her hands on the bandages around her bust. (MODEL)

Breast Reconstruction Recovery Time: What to Expect

If you’ve been through a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, breast reconstruction may be the next life-changing step in your healing journey. As plastic and reconstructive surgeons, we’re here to help make the procedure and your recovery process as seamless as possible. This starts by empowering you with vital information about what breast reconstruction recovery …

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Woman in white undergarments with hand on hip. (MODEL)

What To Do (and Not Do) During Tummy Tuck Recovery

Many patients considering tummy tuck surgery have more questions about recovery than the procedure itself. Besides wanting to know how long it takes to recover from a tummy tuck, they have questions about details such as how to sleep after a tummy tuck, what’s it like to wear a compression garment, and how to care …

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Doctor holding two types of implants in front of a woman with a hand to her chin. (MODELS)

What Are Your Options for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

You may consider breast augmentation for many reasons, whether you feel your breasts are too small, lacking cleavage, or asymmetrical. Most women report feeling more confident and self-assured after the procedure, appreciating how it allows them to take charge of their bodies. That empowerment actually begins before the surgery even takes place when you work …

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