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A very fit woman in a cream bra and underwear, poses while touching her flat tummy. (Model)

Combining Tummy Tuck Surgery, Breast Augmentation & More: Streamline Recovery, Costs

At UVA Plastic Surgery, we understand that achieving your aesthetic goals may involve more than one step. Whether you're seeking a flatter abdomen through tummy tuck surgery or enhancing your curves with breast augmentation, combining these procedures can streamline your recovery and the path to your desired results. In this blog post, I'll discuss the …

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Doctor holding two types of implants in front of a woman with a hand to her chin. (MODELS)

What Are Your Options for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

You may consider breast augmentation for many reasons, whether you feel your breasts are too small, lacking cleavage, or asymmetrical. Most women report feeling more confident and self-assured after the procedure, appreciating how it allows them to take charge of their bodies. That empowerment actually begins before the surgery even takes place when you work …

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Closeup of outstretched hand holding a breast implant in the palm

What’s the Best Breast Augmentation? Fat Transfer vs. Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implants

Patients who come to us for breast augmentation can choose from a variety of options to achieve their desired results. Silicone, saline, or fat grafting—which is the best option for you? In this post, we will explain some important differences among the surgeries to help you better understand your options when you come in for …

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Two women standing against brick wall smiling. (Models)

Everything You Need To Know About Breast Augmentation

Most women choose to have breast augmentation to achieve a more feminine and sculpted profile and increase their body confidence. If your breasts have changed due to aging, weight loss, or pregnancy, a breast augmentation can reshape your figure. Women looking for larger, rounder, and lifted breasts come to our plastic surgery practice for our …

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woman pondering a breast lift

3 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Considering Breast Augmentation

When it comes to breast augmentation for our Charlottesville and Richmond patients, we want our patients to head into surgery with confidence. To help you avoid any doubts or worries, our team makes it a priority to answer any and all questions you may have. From implant sizes to breast lifts, you'll need to consider …

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Woman thinking about replacing breast implants in Charlottesville, VA.

When Should I Replace My Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation with implants helps women add flattering, feminine curves to their bodies. However, many breast augmentation patients at our Charlottesville, VA, practice ask us a similar question: When should I replace my breast implants? While breast implants don't have a strict "expiration date," they also don't last a lifetime. Saline or silicone implants typically …

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Woman's chest in a white bra with gloved hands holding breast implants out to her

Breast Augmentation: Price, Trends & Other Common Questions

Breast augmentation consistently remains one of the top plastic surgery procedures in America. This popular treatment can add volume to the breasts and create flattering, feminine curves. However, many women have questions when they begin first researching this procedure. How do they choose the right breast implants? And how much does breast augmentation even cost? …

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Woman's hands on laptop keyboard with cappuccino to the side

6 Factors That Affect the Cost of Breast Augmentation

How much does breast augmentation cost? If you're thinking about getting breast implants, you've likely typed a version of that question into a search engine. Women considering breast augmentation at the Charlottesville or Fishersville locations of UVA Plastic Surgery trust our plastic surgeons to be transparent about what breast augmentation patients are specifically paying for. …

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Smiling young woman laying on her side with head in hand and low cut top exposing cleavage

Breast Augmentation vs. Lift: Which Is Right for Me?

Women who are interested in breast enhancement have many options. Breast augmentation and breast lift procedures are popular choices with our patients from Richmond, VA, and beyond. However, many women don’t know all the differences between these two procedures. How do you decide which option best suits you? Choosing plastic surgery is always a very …

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Young woman with long dark hair wearing a red dress with spaghetti straps looking at her chest in the mirror

Breast Augmentation Do’s and Don’ts: How to Get the Most Out of Your Surgery

Breast enhancement with breast implants is always a top procedure for our Richmond, VA patients—and for good reason. It can create transformative results and instantly add a feminine boost to your attitude. But, just like any other surgery, there are things to keep in mind when deciding on breast augmentation. A healthy mindset and realistic …

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