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Fat Grafting

At UVA Plastic Surgery in Charlottesville and Fishersville, our team includes specialists who are involved in researching the cosmetic use of autologous fat transfer, also called fat grafting. Our plastic surgeons regularly use these proven, safe and effective techniques to provide natural, long-lasting enhancements to the face, breasts, and body. The women and men who come to our practice for fat grafting from Richmond, Roanoke, and surrounding areas reap the benefits of this rapidly growing area of aesthetic medicine.

What is fat grafting?

Fat grafting is an advanced procedure that takes fat from one area of a patient’s body and uses it to enhance a different area. Our surgeons provide a variety of improvements with this procedure, including:


Fat transfer may be combined with breast surgery or performed on its own for a variety of reasons, which include:

  • Providing a modest increase in breast size for a natural breast augmentation
  • Filling out specific areas where fullness is naturally lacking such as the upper breasts or cleavage between the breasts
  • Improving the results of breast reconstruction or filling in areas affected by lumpectomy


Our surgeons use fat transfer as an alternative to dermal fillers and to enhance the results of cosmetic procedures such as facelift surgery. Improvements include:

  • Filling in hollows around the eyes
  • Restoring volume in the cheeks
  • Smoothing wrinkles and folds
  • Sculpting the lips

How is fat grafting performed?

Using liposuction, the surgeon collects fat from an area where it either is not wanted or is in abundance, taking special care to keep as many fat cells alive as possible. The fat is prepared in a centrifuge to separate viable fat cells from plasma, blood cells, damaged fat cells, and impurities. Once purified, the fat is injected beneath the skin in a thread-like fashion. While not all of the transferred fat survives, the fat that does “take” establishes a new blood supply and remains in its new location indefinitely.

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