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Thigh Lift

Whether performed as part of a post-weight loss surgery plan or an individual procedure, a thigh lift helps women and men from Richmond, Roanoke, and surrounding areas feel more confident and comfortable by tightening excess skin and firming upper-leg contours. At UVA Plastic Surgery, the experienced plastic surgeons perform thigh lift in Charlottesville and Fishersville using the latest, evidence-based techniques for optimal healing and results.

Who is a candidate for thigh lift surgery?

Thigh lift candidates should be in good health, be at or near their goal weights, and want to address loose skin that hangs and rubs together between the legs. This procedure is often combined with liposuction to reduce fat on the outer thighs (saddle bags), inner thighs, and upper knees.

Where are the incisions for a thigh lift?

Small incisions are usually placed in the inner thigh and groin where the resulting scars will not be obvious.

How is a thigh lift performed?

Our plastic surgeons typically perform thigh lift as outpatient surgery using local anesthetic with IV sedation or general anesthetic. After making the incisions, excess skin is removed; liposuction may be used to reduce excess fat. A buttock lift or a tummy tuck may also be performed for more comprehensive body contouring.

What can I expect during recovery after a thigh lift?

Initially the thighs will feel sore and tight, especially when sitting and bending. Patients need to wear a compression garment for the first several weeks to minimize swelling and promote firm, smooth contours. Most patients return to work in 1 to 2 weeks.

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