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4 Ways Breast Reconstruction Can Change Women’s Lives

Woman in Charlottesville, NC considering breast reconstruction surgery.

A breast cancer diagnosis can immediately change many things in a person’s life. A mastectomy is required for many women, and the experience can be very emotional and draining. Issues such as anxiety, depression, and poor self-image can set in after recovering from breast cancer. Although breast reconstruction cannot exactly replace the look and feel of your natural breasts, it has been shown to improve wellness, increase self-confidence, and restore the body’s appearance. 

As a reconstructive plastic surgeon serving Charlottesville and Richmond, VA, it is a privilege to offer procedures such as breast reconstruction that can change a woman’s life in many profound ways. Here are a few positive changes the procedure offers.

Bring balance and proportion to the body

The breasts can play a large role in a woman’s appearance and sense of self. Losing these features also affects the body’s overall shape and how clothes fit; getting dressed can often feel like a challenge. Breast reconstruction rebuilds the body’s shape, using either silicone implants or your own tissue to make the body appear more proportional. Formfitting dresses and low-cut tops can be easier to wear once breast shape is restored. 

Restore confidence and self-esteem

Losing your breasts presents significant physical challenges, but there are many emotional hurdles as well. The constant reminder of a battle with breast cancer can weigh heavily on a patient’s mind. The physical restoration provided by breast reconstruction helps return the body to its previous state, and provides a boost of confidence that makes moving on after breast cancer a little bit easier.

Provide customized looks for each woman’s needs

Breast reconstruction is a customizable surgery that caters to each patient’s needs. Implant-based or free-tissue reconstruction are both excellent options that can create beautiful results. The plastic surgeon will analyze the patient’s body structure and tailor the surgery details to her specific body type and surgical priorities. The ultimate goal is to give each woman a body that she enjoys seeing in the mirror each day.

Create beautiful, long-lasting results

Breast prostheses are useful and can add shape to the body, but they’re often heavy, sweaty, and inconvenient. The look only lasts as long as the forms are on—a temporary answer to a long-term problem. Breast reconstruction, on the other hand, offers a permanent solution. The procedure gives natural-looking results women can enjoy around the clock and in any outfit. Women can feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies for many, many years to come.

Overall, choosing to undergo breast reconstruction is a very personal decision. It is up to you and your doctor to decide if this path is best for you. If you choose breast reconstruction, be sure to find a board-certified surgeon to perform your procedure. Our team of experts at UVA Plastic Surgery is here to care for you during every step of your journey.

If you’re looking for a breast reconstruction surgeon in the Charlottesville or Richmond, VA, area, request a consultation online. You can also contact our practice by phone at (434) 924-1234 (Charlottesville) or (540) 932-5771 (Fishersville).

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