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Owning It: Choose How Open To Be About Your Facelift

A woman covering her face with her hair

Even though many celebrities seem to have no problem these days acknowledging that they’re getting everything from BOTOX® Cosmetic to breast implants, not everyone is comfortable with sharing their experiences with getting cosmetic procedures. That is often especially true for our facelift patients in Charlottesville, VA, who want to be more discreet.

Discretion is perfectly okay and something our staff takes very seriously. Some women and men feel comfortable being open about getting facelifts because the stigma of plastic surgery is disappearing, but it’s still an individual’s choice. On one end of the spectrum are people such as Tamra Judge, from The Real Housewives of Orange County, who said recently, “I’m okay to let someone know I didn’t like the way something looked, so I fixed it. The truth doesn’t hurt me.”

But not everyone is ready to be as upfront about their choices as celebrities seem to be these days. Some people wonder how to maintain some privacy if getting a facelift dramatically changes their appearance. Discretion—and natural looking results—are 2 very important reasons to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who’s a facelift specialist.

Natural-Looking Results

Maintaining a level of privacy about getting a facelift is possible because modern facelift techniques produce results that look natural. The days of the pulled, “windswept” look that used to be a tell-tale sign of facial plastic surgery are long gone … if you choose an experienced, highly trained surgeon. The modern facelift repositions and tightens the tissues and muscle below the skin, so patients still look like themselves, only more youthful and refreshed. Friends and co-workers will notice something’s different about you, but not be able to put a finger on it.

Be as Open as You Want

The most important thing for anyone to remember when getting a facelift—or any cosmetic procedure for that matter—is that you’re not making the change for anyone else but you. If you’re comfortable being open about your experience, that’s great. Following are a few things that can be helpful to keep in mind:

Be prepared for different opinions: Being confident in your choice to have plastic surgery and your happiness with the results may lead you to expect that everyone will share those feelings. That may not be the case. That’s okay, too. You don’t need to explain your reasons for getting a facelift.

Being open doesn’t mean you can’t be selective: The circle of family members, friends, or co-workers with whom you choose to share your news is up to you. In many cases, patients are pleasantly surprised by the support they get from a wide range of acquaintances.

Growing social acceptance of aesthetic procedures of all kinds is increasing: Taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and aesthetically is something that women and men across all age groups accept. For many patients, maintaining a youthful appearance that better reflects how they feel and act is another part of self-care.

The University of Virginia Plastic Surgery includes some of the best facial plastic surgeons in Charlottesville, VA. You can look at our photo gallery of before-and-after photos to see the kinds of results our surgeons produce. If you’re ready for a facelift, the first step is to contact us using the online form to request a one-on-one consultation. Or you can call us at (434) 924-1234 (Charlottesville) or (540) 932-5771 (Fishersville) to schedule an appointment.

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